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The technological and metallurgical know-how of DAN-ENGINEERING is the result of a century of development.

It started in Denmark in 1902 when Dr Paul Bergsøe recycled tin for the first time by recovering it from food cans. Through the following 80 years he and his son Svend Bergsøe created an international group of metal recyclers and refiners. The Bergsøe Group gained worldwide recognition for their technological development and high quality metals, particularly tin, lead and their alloys.

After Bergsøe closed in 1984, two of the senior executives formed DAN ENGINEERING in Copenhagen, Denmark to continue to provide this technology to the world.

So since 1985 DAN-ENGINEERING has been servicing the non-ferrous industry with design and construction of smelting works and equipment, particularly tin and lead smelters.

DAN-ENGINEERING has a wide experience in all aspects of the international field of design, equipment requirements, supervision of construction and the applications of new technology.

DAN-ENGINEERING’s main objective is to provide a comprehensive and flexible service so that our clients can exercise full financial control over their projects.

This flexibility is unique to DAN-ENGINEERING since most equipment suppliers refuse to sell drawings and most consulting engineering companies are unable to provide detailed equipment design.

In addition DAN-ENGINEERING has a comprehensive experience in all aspects of operation of tin and lead smelters and can therefore provide management expertise to operating smelters.

DAN-ENGINEERING has established a solid clientele providing process technology, design and supply of equipment to companies on most continents – as can be seen from the extensive project list.

We aim to give the best possible customer service by our flexible, fast and accurate approach to everything we do.

To maximize the benefits of its technological prowess, DAN ENGINEERING took the initiative in 1991 to establish a secondary tin recycler in Dubai – Falcon Metals Ltd and again in 2003 to the formation of FENIX METALS – a joint venture between DAN ENGINEERING, Stoop and Wildshaw and in 2004 the plant opened in Tarnobrzeg, Poland.

FENIX and FALCON has continued the heritage of technological development and currently uses most of DAN-ENGINERING´s technologies as well as several proprietary processes and equipment in their daily operations.

Welcome to DAN-ENGINEERING, we look forward to serving you.

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